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Application Programe Interface

Server Request

Parameter Description
apikey Get the detail at developer option.
secretkey Get the detail at developer option.
sender Get the detail at developer option.
recipient Use semi-colon(;) to separate each recipient.
You can only send to a maximum of 100 recipients.
Kindly put the country code at the front of each mobile number.
message ASCII (A,B,C...) SMS may contain 160 characters and 70 characters for UNICODE (سبسيب / 漢鼎繁古印 / ருக்கள்) SMS.
Maximum 5 concatenated SMS only. For ASCII SMS max 760 characters, for UNICODE SMS max 315 characters.
In our system, this characters `[]~^{}|\€ count as Unicode.
RM0.00 will be included at the beginning of each SMS content automatically.
Each SMS need to minus 7 characters for "RM0.00 ".
reply Use "0" for 1-way-SMS longcode.
Use "1" for 1-way-SMS shortcode.
Use "2" for 2-way-SMS longcode.

Server Response

Code Description
1000 SMS successfully sent
1001 Connection to server error
1002 Invalid sender ID
1003 Parameter passing error
1004 Account expired
1005 Invalid user account
1006 Insufficient credit
1007 Invalid reply parameter
1008 Invalid recipient parameter
1009 Your account has been block
1010 Invalid recipient country code

Supported Language